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Erica Corbin

Erica loves to watch as the individuals she works with grow and learn, as they embrace new opportunities and accomplish things they never thought possible. It is Erica's greatest joy to witness the individuals she works with live a full and happy life!

Erica's experience begins in the classroom where she worked as a paraprofessional with children as young as three. She has also worked as a teacher in a variety of settings including in a resource classroom as well as in a classroom specializing in autism. Some of her earliest students are now high school graduates! Erica has also worked in a residential home.

Through a variety of different professional experiences, Erica has gained a vast knowledge base that helps her advocate for families, identify needed resources, and ensure that the individuals she works with are equipped with everything they need in order to live full and enriching lives.

When Erica is not working, she is spending time with her husband, their two sons (ages 14 and 6), and their dog Scout.

Erica Corbin

Cell: (314) 761-4366

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