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Our Story

Mandy and Kara, the co-owners of Inspire Case Management, collectively have decades of experience working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Mandy began working with individuals with I/DD at the tender age of ten when she was in the fifth grade. Through a mentoring program at a special needs preschool, she witnessed the power that individualized services, therapies, and inclusion could have in the life of a child. She went on to study Special Education in college and continued to amass professional expertise over the years. Case management was an obvious next step in her career. Kara, too, studied child development in college. Upon graduation, her work focused primarily on helping children who were aging out of the system find services and supports that would foster independence and autonomy. Namely, her work helped keep these young adults out of institutionalized settings so they could live freely in their communities. Of case management and working with individuals with I/DD, Kara says: "I am able to be a steady support for them. I can be someone they trust and someone they can talk to. We can have conversations about their hopes and dreams and make realistic plans to achieve those goals. This is what is so inspiring about being a Case Manager. We get the opportunity to follow these unique and inspiring individuals who are just trying to live their best lives. We are there for them to work through some difficult life challenges but also to share in their many successes." Why "Inspire?"  When Mandy and Kara would meet to talk about creating this company and what it meant to them, the word that kept coming up was the word "Inspire".

"We want to Inspire our Case Managers to.... " 

"We want to Inspire the individuals we work with to..." 

"We want to Inspire families to..... "

Inspire Case Management stood for exactly what Mandy and Kara are trying to accomplish with their company: "We want to "Inspire" others!" 

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