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Amanda Jones

Amanda Jones did not fall into this field by accident; her sister, Shelly, is on the autism spectrum. When Amanda began providing respite services for her sister, she felt a connection to other families who required additional help in caring for their loved ones. Her original foray into waiver services led to a host of different positions over the years, including as a supported living director, a home-based case worker, a parent educator, and a service coordinator through First Steps. Throughout the years, the many roles Amanda played allowed her to amass a wealth of experience and resources, which all coalesced in making her a much sought after case manager. 

When Amanda is not working, she is spending time with her young son Gunner, her husband Brooks, and their dog Lucy. On the weekends, you can find Amanda searching for a good deal while she bargain hunts or eating a cupcake at The Flying Cupcake. 

Amanda Jones 

Mobile: 317-656-9648