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Allie Cunningham

Allie Cunningham has a special kind of energy- it’s a mix of deep empathy, a gentle understanding, and a vast knowledge about everything from education, to waiver services, to community resources. As a mother, former special-education teacher and current case management supervisor, Allie’s experience is extensive.


For the last 3 years, Inspire Case Management has been lucky to have Allie as part of the team. Prior to working with Inspire, Allie worked as a direct support professional in college where she received a degree in special education from the University of Southern Indiana, as an Essential Skills teacher for 7 years, and now as a case manager. Upon marrying her husband, Allie also became step-mother to Jamie, who has a disability.  The mix of both personal and professional experience gives Allie unique qualifications that serve her well as she connects individuals to services in Central Indiana.

When Allie is not working, she can be found spending time with her husband, Richard, their daughter Jamie, and their other two children Seth, 10, and Averie, 5. Someday, Allie dreams of owning a “big bus converted into a custom RV,” so that she and her family can “travel all around the country!” 

Allie Cunningham

Cell: 317-443-5781

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