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Megan Curran

My name is Megan(she/her).  I am a 2015 graduate of Franklin College where I studied history and political science. Indiana born and raised, I’m the second oldest of 5 children. Two of my younger siblings are on the autism spectrum and they are fully responsible for my love of working in this field. I have two moms and LGBT+ rights are very near and dear to my heart.

I’m a nerd who loves Harry Potter, Dungeons and Dragons and a good book. My fiancé and I (wedding to come July 2022!!!) love to spend our time watching Indiana sports teams and we love it even more when they manage to win!! We’re always down for a night out, especially if it involves karaoke! I’m an animal lover with 2 dogs and 2 cats who very much run my household.

Prior to working as a Case Manager I spent 5 years as a Youth Care Manager in a juvenile detention center.  I currently serve Johnson and Marion counties. My favorite part of this job is the bonds I get to form with the families I serve.

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