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Bridget Lawson

I am a fur momma living in rural north central Indiana.  My degree in Recreational Therapy has led me to a variety of work experiences.  I have worked in various capacities within waiver services for over 8 years. My experience with waiver services began on the provider side as a QDDP.  I left the field for 2 years and returned as a Branch Director and then Area Director.  My current role as a Case Manager has been my favorite. I love being able to support individuals as they work towards their goals and to be an advocate for them.

As a Case Manager, I would like to continue to support providing education to current and potential participants on services that are available, as well as educating community partners on how to help others get started with waiver services.  

My previous work experiences have included Acute Psychiatric Services, Long Term Psychiatric Services, DCS Contract work, Skilled Nursing Facility and Acute In-Patient Addictions Treatment.  Each experience has helped me develop skills and knowledge that can help in supporting my clients.

Bridget Lawson

Mobile: 765-426-4771

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