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Kimberly Heron

Kimberly has worked in the waiver world for a little over 10 years. She has spent the majority of that time within the realm of case management. Kimberly has a passion for working with children and adults to help them succeed and accomplish their goals. Seeing individuals progress into the lives they dream of is why Kimberly chose to work within the waiver world.


Kimberly received her bachelor's degree from Ball State University in Graphic Arts and Business Administration. She is currently finishing up two MBA programs through the University of Southern Indiana. She plans to graduate in Spring 2023 with a master’s degree in Human Resources and a second master’s degree in Healthcare Administration. Kimberly believes there is always something new to learn and works hard to learn new things as often as possible.


During Kimberly’s free time, she spends time with her daughter Alexis as well as the foster children who come into her home. Kimberly coaches softball and enjoys being a show coordinator for a children’s theater group.

Kimberly Heron

Case Manager


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