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Julie Pendell

Julie Pendell joined the Inspire Team in January 2022. Prior to this she spent many years in the field of education wearing a variety of hats that ranged from classroom teacher to administrator to adult education teacher and to, most recently, working in special education and intervention. Julie’s approach in education has always been to focus on the individual and then bring together the people and resources that help them achieve their goals. She looks forward to continuing this approach in Case Management, using a team approach to help her clients achieve their hopes for a happy and rewarding life.


Julie and her husband, Deed, have lived in Elkhart, for the last 29 years and have enjoyed raising their five children here. Summer is short in Northern Indiana and to make the most of it, Julie likes to be outdoors, whether it be gardening, hiking, camping, enjoying a good book on the beach or heading across the dunes of Michigan in one of the family’s dune buggies.

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