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Scott Porter

Scott Porter has worked with individuals with special needs for over 20 years.  However, the path taken was not necessarily planned.  Scott went to Indiana State and studied Physical/Health Education.  After teaching at a middle school for just one year, his position had been eliminated due to declining enrollment and budget cuts.  Two weeks later Scott found himself being called to the Superintendent’s office.  He found himself being asked if he had ever considered going into Special Education.  Without thinking he answered truthfully and said no.  Then he was told that there was a Special Education position and if he was interested, he would have to go back and get a graduate degree in Special Education.  The good news was that Superintendent would be able to grant him a limited teaching license so that he could begin teaching right away, while he went back and worked on his Special Education degree.  The next thing he knew he was back at college working on his degree and teaching Special Education. Over the next seven years he found himself falling in love with his newly found passion for working with students with special needs and he did not look back. Scott then realized that having summers off and needing to find a part time job to keep from getting bored, he then found a part time job working as a direct care staff in multiple 24/7 supported living sites funded by the Medicaid Waivers. In 2008, Scott made the transition from teaching Special Education to working as a Medicaid Waiver case manager. Scott has worked for several Case Management companies in multiple capacities from a case manager to a Director of Training/Development.  Scott now has found his forever home as the Quality Compliance Officer with Inspire Case Management.

Scott Porter

Quality Compliance Officer

Cell: (317) 341-5850

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