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Amanda Rammel has extensive experience working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities; 27 years to be exact! As a social work major, she and her college roommate began working with individuals in a group home. From there, Amanda worked on moving individuals out of institutional settings and into the community. The two institutions Amanda helped transition individuals from were the New Castle State Developmental Hospital and the Fort Wayne State Developmental Hospital. Over the next few years, Amanda worked in a variety of settings- as the Regional Director at Mentor as well as the Workshop Director at Hillcroft. She also played a role at the state level as a member of the Governor’s Council for People with Disabilities. Eventually, Amanda made her way to Inspire where she has recently been promoted from Case Manager to Supervisor.

Amanda and her husband of 27 years, met and married as undergrads at Ball State University. Their two daughters are setting out on their own lives as they pursue professions. Their oldest daughter double mastered in Art Therapy and Clinical Psychology and is now working for The University of South Carolina. Their youngest daughter is in her first year of Doctorate school for Occupational Therapy at Huntington. When not spending time with their dog Tilly, Amanda and her family enjoy volunteering in their local community.

Amanda Rammel


Amanda Rammel

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