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Amber Robinson

Amber Robinson works as a Supervisor for Inspire Case Management. Working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities has been Amber’s life’s work. For more than 20 years she has worked in a variety of roles- as a direct support professional (DSP), as a behavior consultant, as a case manager, and now as her role as supervisor. Amber has always revelled in the joy she finds in helping people utilize waiver services to live their version of a good life. 


Prior to even learning about waiver services, Amber studied Special Education at Ball State. Having experienced embarrassment around her own hearing impairment, Amber intuitively understood the power that one person who acted as an advocate and champion could have on the life of a child. When she was in school, Amber had a teacher who empowered her to embrace her differences and to shoot for the stars. Amber did just that! After spending a few years working in a variety of roles, Amber eventually enrolled in a master’s program to continue to gain the knowledge and skills she’d need in order to help the individuals she served as much as possible. 

Today, Amber works as a Supervisor for Inspire Case Management. She helps onboard new hires and works with other case managers to ensure that they have all of the necessary education and tools to provide the best case management possible. Amber’s leadership style is full of compassion and care; she leads with her heart and she always sees the best in people, she is always looking outside the box for creative solutions and is willing to step in and help whenever needed. 


When Amber is not working, she can be found spending time with her husband James and their 2-year-old daughter Evalynn. They love to be outside, especially in the fall.

Amber Robinson 

Mobile: 317-517-4746

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