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Chad Teague

Chad Teague joined Inspire in December of 2022.  A lifelong Hoosier, he attended Franklin College (2013 Alumnus), and is now a Franklin resident.  His past experiences through his liberal arts education and working in international industries has exposed Chad to a wide variety of people from different cultural backgrounds and levels of development.   Chad is excited to be working with both children and adults with developmental disabilities, and he finds a sense of fulfillment in seeing the lives of the individuals he serves flourish.  In his short time with Inspire, he has already witnessed how the acquisition and maintaining of waiver services truly helps improve the lives of these strong, brave, and truly inspiring folks.  He looks forward to being a resource for those in need of Case Management in the future.  


Chad and his wife, Alixandria, have two pets: an Australian Cattle Dog, Vanilla Bean, and a Tabby Manx, Luna Nubgood.  Both are spoiled rotten.  When he is not working, Chad enjoys video games, spending time with family, and generally bothering his wife whenever he can.

Chad Teague

Case Manager


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