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Nichole Hackler

My family moved to Indiana from Utah over 10 years ago for my husband’s work. We thought we would only be here a few years and now we have our forever home. We love playing board games (my son usually wins), walking our pup Fiona (yes, like Shrek), and I love being outside (when it isn’t humid).


I’m excited to be diving into the world of Case Management. A little background: my journey started working in the schools, with some amazing kids with disabilities, as an instructor.  I have been through the whole waiver dance with my kiddo, so I understand the ups and downs. I’d like to help make the process less of a hassle by helping you find the best services available – it’s like a puzzle, and I enjoy piecing it together.


My goal is to make this journey smoother for families in Indiana. It’s not just a job for me – it’s about understanding and supporting. So, if you’re ready to tackle the waiver adventure, let’s do it together

Nichole Hackler 

Mobile: 801-989-2854


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