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Jamie Goodwin

I grew up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, but my husband and I moved our four kids across the country to Indiana back in 2020. We quickly fell in love with everything about Indiana and could definitely see us calling Indiana our forever home. 


I graduated with a degree in English education, but I have also worked as a legal writer and freelance editor since my oldest was born. As a mother of a child on the spectrum, learning about the resources available and connecting with other families who understand has been important to me, which is what drew me to Inspire Case Management in the first place. 


In my spare time, I love running, reading for my book club, playing games (I can be a tad competitive though), and spending time outdoors with my family. I'm excited to build relationships and help others find the resources and assistance they need to thrive. 


Jamie Goodwin

Cell phone:  303-478-9845


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