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Daniela Bozo

My name is Daniela. I am bilingual (Spanish/English). I graduated from IUSB in 2022 with a focus on Political Science and Latin America. I am the oldest of 3 and live with my family. My youngest brother has Down Syndrome and is the life of the party of the family, as well as my other sister who is my support and best friend. Family is everything to me. Because of my siblings, I am the person who I’ve grown up to be. I have a passion for being able to help in any way I can and treat everyone with love and respect always. 


My siblings and I were all born in Maryland, but raised in Chile and Bolivia, where we met the rest of our family and received our education. Understanding that every culture is unique and different in its own way is very important to me. Therefore, I try to always keep an open-mind. 


Before working as a Bilingual Case Manager, I’ve worked with special needs kids as a special care provider. I have always had a soft heart for kids. I love being able to advocate for individuals who can’t do it on their own. Being a support system for my individuals and families is important for me. 

Daniela Bozo
Mobile: 574-349-8407

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